Business requires fund for various requirements; to set up a new project or expansion of an existing project, to fill-in working capital gap, or structuring capital component.

We have expertise in raising funds in India through the process of Debt Syndication. It is an arrangement made between two or more banks/financial institutions to provide the borrower a credit facility using common debt documents. While banks are regularly the primary lenders, they can be involved in deals with less outlay, thus diversifying their risk. There lies our strength. We help the clients in identifying the right sources of funds, primarily banks and NBFCs in getting their requirements fulfilled, thus helping in saving time and cost.

Our Debt Syndication team encompasses funding activities for diverse business requirements of business houses. We assist them to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise capital through structured financial products for various requirements including projects, expansions, working capital and in structuring and syndicating funds for acquisitions.

We assist our client in the following areas relating to credit facility;

  • Long Term Loans
  • Working Capital Finance ( Cash Credit and Packing Credit, etc)
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee

  • Trade Finance
    1. Factoring
    2. Buyer’s credit
    3. LC Discounting

  • Loan against Shares
  • Debt Re-structuring
  • Debt Syndication


Loan Application

Process Walkthrough

In-Principle Sanction letter

Credit Processing

Legal Review

Final Sanction