Taxpayers’ Charter unveiled! – A Commitment Towards Improving Taxpayer Services and Accountability

The taxpayers’ charter unveiled by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Thursday(13-Aug) outlines the rights and duties of an honest taxpayer. It also defines the commitment of the tax department and the expectations from the taxpayers.

Income Tax department will also start faceless appeals from September 25. The Income Tax department will adopt a ‘taxpayer charter’ which outlines the rights and responsibilities of both tax officers and taxpayers.

According to the charter, the income-tax department shall collect the correct amount of tax, respect privacy of the taxpayer, maintain confidentiality, reduce cost of compliance and publish standard for service delivery in a periodic manner. It also expects taxpayers to honestly disclose information, respond in time, pay taxes in a timely manner and keep themselves aware of compliance obligations.

The official article by Ministry of Finance is stated below:

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Source: Ministry of Finance