TDS Rate w.e.f 1-Apr-2020

S.NoSectionNature of PaymentMonitory LimitRate
1192SalariesSlab RateSlab Rate - Old or New as declared by employee
2192-APremature withdrawal from Employee Provident Fund5000010
3193Interest on securities-10
4194Dividend other than the dividend as referred to in Section 115-O250010
5194-AInterest other than interest on securities40,000 (for individual)10
6.a194-ABanks (Time deposits)40,000 (for individual)10
6.b194-ABanks (Time deposits)50,000 (for Senior Citizens)10
7.a194-ABanks (Recurring deposit)40,000 (for individual)10
7.b 194-ABanks (Recurring deposit)50,000 (for Senior Citizens)10
8.a194-ADeposit in Co-operative Bank40,000 (for individual)10
8.b194-ADeposit in Co-operative Bank50,000 (for Senior Citizens )10
9194-BWinning from Lotteries1000030
10194-BBWinnings from Horse Race1000030
11.a194-CPayment to Contractor30,000 ( Single Transaction)1 (for Individual)
11.b194-CPayment to Contractor1,00,000 (Aggregate During the Financial year)2 (for other than individual)
12.a194-CPayment to Transporter not covered under 44AE30,000 ( Single Transaction)1 (for Individual)
12.b194-CPayment to Transporter not covered under 44AE75,000 (Aggregate During the Financial year)2 (for other than individual)
13194-DInsurance Commission150005
14194-DAPayment in respect of life insurance policy1000001
15194-EPayment to Non-resident Sportsmen or Sports Association-20
16194-EEPayments out of deposits under National Savings Scheme250010
17194-FRepurchase Units by Mutual Funds-20
18194-GCommission – Lottery150005
19194-HCommission / Brokerage150005
20194-IRent - Land and Building - furniture & fittings24000010
21194-IRent - Plant / Machinery / equipment2400002
22194-IATransfer of certain immovable property other than agriculture land50000001
23194-IBRent – Land or building or both50,000 Per Month5
24194-ICPayment of Monetary consideration under Joint development agreement-10
25194-JProfessional Fees for technical services w.e.f. from 1.4.2020300002
26194-JProfessional Fees - in all other cases3000010
27194-KPayment of any income in respect of Units of Mutual fund as per section 10(23D) or Units of administrator or from a specified company-10
28194-LATDS on compensation for compulsory acquisition of immovable Property25000010
2994- LBA(1Business trust shall deduct tax while distributing, any interest received or receivable by it from a SPV or any income received from renting or leasing or letting out any real estate asset owned directly by it, to its unit holders.10
3094- LBA(1Income by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund (non-resident)-5
31.a194-LBBIncome in respect of investment in Securitisation trust.-10 (for Individual)
31.b194-LBBIncome in respect of investment in Securitisation trust.30 (for other than individual)
32.a194-LBCIncome in respect of investment made in a securitisation trust-25 (for Individual)
32.b194-LBCIncome in respect of investment made in a securitisation trust30 (for other than individual)
33194-LCIncome by way of interest by an Indian specified company to a non-resident / foreign company on foreign currency approved loan / long term infrastructure bonds from outside India5
34194-LDInterest on certain bonds and govt. Securities5
35194-MPayment of Commission, brokerage, contractual fee, professional fee to a resident, person by an Individual or a HUF who are not iable to deduct TDS under section 194C,194H, or 194J.50000005
36194-NCash withdrawal in excess of Rs. 1 crore
during the previous year from one or more
account maintained by a person with a
banking company, co-operative society
engaged in business of banking or a post
37194-OApplicable for Ecommerce operator for sale of
goods or provision of service facilitated by it
through its digital or electronic facility or
38195Payment of any sum to Non resident--
39196-BIncome from units10
40196-CIncome from foreign currency bonds or GDR
(including long-term capital gains on transfer
of such bonds) (not being dividend)
41196-DIncome of FIIs from securities20

New Turnover limit for the purpose of Tax deducted at Source applicability as per Finance Act 2020
TDS was applicable to individual and HUF if their accounts are liable to Audit in section 44AB in
previous year.
The Finance Act 2020, says All individuals & HUF will be liable to deduct TDS if, the turnover had
cross Rs. 1 Crore in case of business and Rs. 50 Lakhs in case of profession in previous year.

These amendment shall take effect from 1st April 2020.